Winner Alban Lakata’s power reading from the 2012 Leadville Trail 100

2012 Leadville Trail 100 winner Alban Lakata shares his power data from the Leadville Trail 100

Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer may not have been present at the 2012 Leadville Trail 100, but the consensus for most was that there was more horsepower in the top of the field than there has ever been before.

Topping the day’s power output was Austrian Alban Lakata. His SRM Training System power data provides insight into just how much horsepower there was at the front of the race.

“I knew it was going to be the toughest Leadville field in history,” said third-place finisher Jeremiah Bishop. “Two highly decorated World Champions — Alban Lakata and Christoph Sauser — would be definite favorites. But many other tough men from around the world ascended on the high-altitude mining town for a legendary showdown.”

It certainly was legendary, with the top three within a second of each other for the majority of the race and an accidental detour that led all leaders on an incorrect route.

Lakata came in second in 2011 to Todd Wells and returned this year to wrap up his “unfinished business” with the race.

Even though he won the race, he expects to return after not fulfilling his own expectations. “It was a race on my to-win list,” said the Team Topeak Ergon rider, “but I also wanted to beat the course record, but not this time so I’ll have to come back again… It’s an off-road race and it’s not good that a roadie has the course record in this race.”

The Austrian siad that he managed to pull away on the Powerline climb, when he really put the hammer down. His power reading shows an average power output on the climb over 310, with his heartbeat steady and never spiking, averaging 161 through the climb.

“I felt amazing on the morning of the race,” Lakata said after he finished. “It felt like my legs were just flying. It is an amazing feeling to have won.” Expect his win to only solidify his determination to return and win again, as well as blow away the current course record.

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