Leadville 2010: What will the Founder of Specialized Race?

VIDEO: Mike Sinyard, founder of Specialized, raced the Leadville Trail 100 last year. He liked it so much his company is sponsoring this year's event. What bike is he riding Saturday?

As far as we know, there isn’t a similar saying that applies to bicycles, but Mike Sinyard, founder of Specialized Bicycle Components, does indeed “walk the talk.”  It’s one thing to own a world-renowned bicycle company like Specialized, it’s another to go out and hammer like 60-year-old Sinyard does.

He and his son, Anthony, 29, raced Leadville last year, finishing in 11:51 and 10:42 (that’d be hours; remember this is Leadville) respectively. It was a long, cold slog, but Sinyard said it was such a great experience he wanted to get his company involved, and this year Specialized is sponsoring the race.

“Everybody has a specialty,” said Sinyard recalling last year’s event. “My specialty is I can always do it, but maybe except for this time.”

But Sinyard did finish, and he’s back this year with Ned Overend, Rebecca Rusch, Todd Wells and more than 20 other employees.

The question is, what bike is the founder of Specialized going to run on Saturday? Check out the video.