2015 Velo Awards: Fox’s overhaul of the year

Fox suspension came out swinging with a line of new mountain bike forks with vastly improved damping.

For years, Fox was beyond dominant in mountain bike suspension. It was almost synonymous with it. Then came some uneven years that saw problems with reliability (so many leaking seals!) and competitors who were doing a better job with adjustability.

In the midst of that came the reengineered 2013 RockShox Pike, a next-level fork that swept through the industry and took a massive chunk out of Fox’s OEM business.

The Pike is still killer. But Fox responded in kind with a complete line overhaul highlighted by the Fox 32 Factory fork with FIT4 damping, perhaps the best XC fork we’ve ever ridden.

Fox is back on equal footing, and that level of competition means everyone benefits.