2011 Brasil Ride, Stage 5 Fast Facts

Hot temperatures and brutal roads challenge racers in Brazil

Fast Facts

Stage 5: Rio de Contas to Rio de Contas again, this time on a punishing 95km loop that started and finished with menacing climbs, the first on rough, rocky roads and techy singletrack, the second on a 10km paved pitch with ramps upwards of 16 percent. In between, more technical singletrack, a mind-numbing dirt road section and another day of blinding heat made this a true day of suffering.2011 Brasil Ride, Stage 5

Stage Winners: Open Men: Kristian Hynek and Robert Novatny (Future Cycling-Sweep) expanded their overall GC lead after primary rivals Luis Pinto and Alejandro Lopez (Team Spano-Luso) flatted out of the lead group on the long, flat section that preceded the day’s final climb. The Czech duo, who also grabbed the stage win, now sit 5:29 ahead of the Iberian duo. Mixed: Ivonne Kraft and Kraft and Mateus Ferraz (Brasil Soul-RC Bikes). Women: Adriana Nascimento and Sabrina Gobbo (Ladies Brasil Soul-RC Bikes). Both teams also expanded their commanding overall leads.

What it looked like in GPS form: Hard and hot and occasionally miserable. On the flipside there was some seriously ripping singletrack sections. []

Stage 5: It’s back to the stage 1 and 2 start town Mucuge by way of an 128km route with 1716 meters of climbing. While not the death march that was stage 2’s 145km slog, this will definitely be another gut punch to the Brasil Ride peloton – or what’s left of it. The weather forecast remains unchanged: brutally hot. Start time at 6:30 a.m. Time cut is 11 hours.

Brazilian Portuguese Words of the Day:

  • Hydrate-se muito [Hydrate a lot, as in it’s gonna be a scorcher so you better drink a ton.]
  • Temperatura Alta [Temperature very high. Enough said]

1) KRISTIAN HYNEK and ROBERT NOVOTNY: 0:30:51, 6:35:21, 1:37:23, 3:33:26
2) LUIS PINTO and ALEJANDRO LOPEZ: 0:31:11, 6:32:24, 1:39:16, 3:35:20
3) TOMAS VOKROUHLIK and MARTIN HORAK: 0:30:26, 7:22:29, 1:39:17, 3:39:36

1) ADRIANA NASCIMENTO and SABRINA GOBBO: 0:44:10, 9:48:46, 2:29:22, 5:24:59, 6:39:11, 25:06:28
2) ANDREA MARCELLINI and MELANIE LEVEAU: 0:46:57, 10:38:04, 2:52:10, 5:36:18, 7:06:32, 27:00:01
3) VALERIA CONCEIÇAO and CARLA PLENS: 0:54:42, 12:05:55, 3:07:49, 7:18:24, 9:18:00, 32:44:50

Gallery: OK, we’re in Brazil, a country known for lots of things, including beautiful women, so why not take a look at some of the amazing ladies brightening the Brasil Ride peloton. And make no mistake, this is not some cheeky beefcake cast. These are some seriously strong – and, yes, attractive ladies.