Live: Echelon Racing League Real Roads stage 3 – the Stelvio

Stage 3 of the Echelon Racing League Real Roads series is a virtual recreation of the leg-busting Stelvio climb seen in the Giro d'Italia.

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The Echelon Racing League pro race series kicked off on November 13 for a three-day event.

Stage 3 is a virtual re-creation of the leg-busting, 48-hairpin turn Stelvio climb seen in the Giro d’Italia.  The planned start time is 10:50 AM EST on Sunday, November 15.

The women’s racing has seen two riders come to the fore in stages 1 and 2, Friday and Saturday. Jacqueline Godbe took stage 1 and finished third on stage 2. Meanwhile, Tracy Christie won on the Paterberg Saturday and placed fourth on the opening stage.

In the men’s field, John Cooper took stage 1 in a sprint finish, while Charlie Velez won the Paterberg stage Saturday after grinding out a solid 5.16W/KG for the 40 minutes of racing.

While the Echelon Racing League events are not staged in Zwift, they do offer simulation and accurate versions of real-world roads. The punishing ascent of one of the most revered and feared climbs in pro cycling, albeit indoors, will test racers who already have two days of full-gas racing in their legs.