Live: Echelon Racing League Real Roads stage 1 – Borrego Springs

Watch stage 1 live of the Echelon Racing League series.

The Echelon Racing League pro race series kicks off today, November 13, for a three-day event.

Stage 1 is a virtual course in Borrego Springs, California with a start time is 5:50 PM EST.

The real-time broadcast will be available right here.

The Borrego Springs route covers 7.7km and 19m of elevation gain per lap. Those riders making the selection will do well, while those who do not make the break in the first few minutes of racing may be in for a rough ride.

For the 2021 series, the women’s pro teams invited are The Amy D Foundation, Canyon eSports, Evoq Bike eSports, Project Echelon, VelocityVixenFox, Team USA, Kiss Racing, and Team Infinite on the women’s side.

On the men’s side, the teams entered are Above + Beyond Cancer, Canyon eSports, CCB Cycling Education Foundation, Digital Commerce Bank, Evoq Bike eSports, Full Send Racing, Hangar 15 Racing, HewDog Racing, KISS Racing, Restart Racing, Team CABike, Project Echelon, Support Clean Sport, Team Tor 2000, and USA Cycling.

While the Echelon Racing League events are not staged in Zwift, however, they do offer simulation and accurate recreation of real-world roads.

Results stage 1

1. Jacqueline Godbe, 56:01.386
2. Kirsta Doebel-Hickock, 56:01.403
3. Jennifer Real, 56:01.491

1. John Cooper, 49:37.857
2. Ben Thomas, 49:37.890
3. Patrick Walle, 49:37.900