Lance, bike thieves and women’s racing

Our readers pipe up on Lance Armstrong, bike theft and women's racing.

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Here’s hoping Lance fans become cycling fans


This letter is in regards to Carolyn Hudson’s letter on February 17, 2010. I appreciate your desire to see more coverage of Lance Armstrong, and I appreciate the inspiration he provides for you. He is an amazing athlete and has done great things with Livestrong and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

That said, there is much more to cycling than Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France, and the Tour Down Under. Cycling is full of amazing and inspirational stories, and there are a lot of other riders that deserve your support just as much as Lance. I am grateful for all the attention that Lance Armstrong has brought to cycling, but I hope that all the Lance fans can become cycling fans.

Mark Babcock

Marietta, Georgia

And now, the bike theft report


I wanted to bring your attention to a story about how a determined bike commuter and racer got his stolen rig back. My Specialized Tricross S-Works was stolen three weeks ago. The LAPD didn’t offer much hope. But the cops and others offered some advice on what to do — and most of that advice involved using the latest in social networking and electronic want ads. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Yahoo Groups were all employed. Meantime, I made a routine of checking eBay and Craigslist.

The efforts paid off. About 10 days after the theft I found a posting on Craigslist advertising my bike. The LAPD was then convinced they had to move and move quick if the bike was to be recovered and if they were going to make an arrest. A sting was set up, the bike was recovered and three people were taken into custody.

I also work in the media (the police did not know this) and one of my reporters persuaded the LAPD to take him along for the bust. The following link has the material we prepared for our radio station:

Michael Clarke

Los Angeles, California

In which we successfully trick another reader


I don’t mean to be a jerk or a sexist — but I’m sure going to sound like one here. Generally no one really cares about women’s road racing results or news, certainly when it’s lumped into overall headlines.

Today I read a headline “Evans triumphant in New Zealand.” Excitedly I clicked on the link thinking I would see an article about reigning world champion Cadel Evans’ early season form. Instead it was an article about Shelley Evans.

Stop trying to trick me into clicking on articles about women’s cycling and stop putting women’s cycling news in your overall road headlines. Trust me, your target audience doesn’t particularly care.

At the top of your main page, just make a separate link (WOMEN’S) for the few people who care to read up on women’s cycling news.

David Wade

David, thanks for playing. We’ll be sending you a catcher’s mask, a Shock Doctor BasiX Compression Short with Flex Cup and an application for the federal witness protection program. — Editor