Industry Nine bolsters wheel lineup across multiple ranges

Industry Nine rolls out six new wheelsets, for varied use, on nearly any terrain. There's literally a wheel for everyone.

Industry Nine has been busy taking rider feedback — and requests — and has come up with quite a few wheelsets. Additions to the Hydra lineup, updates to the 1/1 Series, and the mixed-use gravel-road GRCX and 1/1 TR650b show this small brand making inroads into performance-oriented and value-oriented wheels.


Hydra Hub

The Hydra hub has a whopping 690 points of engagement, offering top-level control. Photo: Industry Nine

Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S Carbon and Hydra Trail S Carbon

Extending features from the Hydra S lineup — which features hubs with 690 points of engagement — the I9 Enduro S Carbon and I9 S Carbon feature hookless bead rims laced to straight-pull S-Series hubs with 28 Sapim Race steel spokes. I9 designed these do-it-all wheels to crush it climbing and descending on technical terrain.

The Industry Nine 1/1 S Series Carbon One. Photo: Industry Nine

Industry Nine 1/1 S Series Carbon One

With a four-degree, 90-point engagement freehub, the I9 1/1 S Series Carbon One promises a quick engagement and precise control. The classic-flanged hubs laced to J-bend Sapim spokes offer durability, while a rim design, with a minimal but effective carbon layup schedule, shaves weight.


Each of these three I9 wheelsets rolls for $1,575/set.

The I9 1/1 TR650b road wheel. Photo: Industry Nine

1/1 GRCX and 1/1 TR650b

Aimed at drop-bar riders, the 1/1 GRCX and 1/1 TR650b like the 12/1 Series Carbon 1, have a four-degree hub engagement, but are meant for on- and off-road use. The 700c GRCX, at 1,710g, will be seen under graveleurs’ bikes. The slightly smaller TR650b, coming in at 1,590g “supports tires for as wide as your drop bar frame will permit” for $750.