Hayman’s Roubaix watts break speed sensor (maybe)

TrainingPeaks analyzes Mathew Hayman's power output from Paris-Roubaix, when he out-sprinted Tom Boonen in the velodrome.

As he did with André Greipel’s Tour of Flanders power file, AJ Johnson of TrainingPeaks got his hands on a pro power file from Paris-Roubaix to dig into the numbers, and this time, it was the winner, Mathew Hayman. The Orica – GreenEdge rider put out such massive watts that he broke his speed sensor after 177 kilometers … Well, okay, that’s probably not what actually broke the sensor, but the 37-year-old’s ride stats are impressive.

First off, let’s talk about his normalized power: For a five hour, 50-minute race, Hayman clocked 351 watts. Three-hundred fifty-one! Most of us would be ecstatic to have an FTP that high.

Hayman clearly had the top end as well. Remember that critical moment when he bridged to Tom Boonen before the velodrome?

That, dear readers, is what a 10-second effort at 871 watts looks like, hitting a max of of 1,227 watts. To win the sprint for the cobblestone trophy, Hayman averaged 884 watts for 20 seconds, or 10.8W/kg and hit a peak of 1,234 watts.

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