Greipel will miss classics after training crash

A dislocated shoulder means the veteran sprinter will likely need surgery and could be off the bike for three months.

German veteran André Greipel suffered shoulder injuries in a crash Tuesday during a training ride near Köln, and will be sidelined about 3 months.

That means the Israel Start-Up Nation rider will miss the upcoming spring classics.

“It’s definitely a big setback for Greipel and the team,” said Israel Start-Up pro manager Kjell Carlstrom. “He started the season so well in the Tour Down Under, and showed what kind of a leader he is for the team. We already lost two riders for months to severe injuries: Rory Sutherland and Ben Hermans. So it’s definitely bad news and something we will need to overcome but it will not be easy”.

Greipel, 37, was with teammate Rick Zabel when he said he slipped off the road to avoid an oncoming car.

“A car came in our direction so we went single file on a small road,” Greipel said. “There was water and mud on the road and somehow I came off the road and lost my balance. My front wheel slipped, and I slid towards a rock with my head and shoulder first.”

Later exams revealed significant damage to the left shoulder, and ISN team Doctor Ortwin Schafer confirmed Greipel suffered a shoulder luxation and shoulder fracture. Greipel might need surgery to fix the dislocated labrum gleonoidale to its normal position.

Doctors said Greipel will likely miss three months of racing.