SBT GRVL holds virtual ride

SBT VRTL is a free community ride experience that will be held on Sunday, August 16.

SBT GRVL has launched a new virtual ride in place of the canceled August event. For those riders craving a long-distance indoor ride, the virtual event features, among other options, the full 144-mile SBT GRVL ‘black’ course distance.

The virtual version of the popular Colorado gravel race is free, and it will be held on the virtual riding platform Organizers are planning the event for Sunday, August 16, and registrants can select where, when, and how far/long to ride.

“After announcing the cancellation of our event, we knew we wanted to still create a memorial gravel experience for everyone and couldn’t just leave this amazing gravel community without a goal on their calendars,” said Ken Benesh, co-founder and race director of SBT GRVL in a release. “SBT VRTL will give new to experienced gravel riders from around the world a chance to participate in an epic day, stay connected with fellow riders, and give back to our bike and local communities.”

You can complete the ride inside or outside — solo or with family — and you can select a local route you know, or choose from a route that the SBT GRVL team has created.

Riders will be able to choose any of the four distances:
+ green: 37 miles
+ red: 64 miles
+ blue: 103 miles
+ black 144 miles

Suggested routes for 34 cities across the USA will be unveiled in July.

SBT VRTL participants who want to support SBT GRVL’s advocacy partners will be able to make donations during registration, and also in the lead up to the August event.