New Utah gravel race, Wasatch All-Road, to debut in August 2021

$10,000 prize purse for men and women on tap.

In 2021, Utah will have what looks to be another big gravel race.

The inaugural Wasatch All-Road Bicycle Race is scheduled for August 28, 2021, with 35- and 100-mile courses in Utah’s Heber Valley. The Wasatch All-Road is the brainchild of former pro rider — and former Tour of Utah winner — Jeff Louder.

Notably, the Wasatch All-Road will have a $10,000 prize purse split evenly between women and men.

The main event tackles 12,000 feet of climbing at altitude, with the course being 80 percent gravel. The short course still has 4,500 feet of climbing. And both get down to business early, with the ‘Wasatch Wall’, an 11.5-mile climb that grinds up 3,500 feet.

“With 12,000 feet of elevation gain and a lot of big, big climbs, it’s going to require strong, tenacious riders that love gravel,” Louder said. “It’s really tailored to people who are motivated by a challenge.”

Born and raised in Utah, Louder says he wanted to expose more people to the high-mountain Heber Valley region and its amazing gravel roads, scenic views, and challenging elevation. “The course kind of epitomizes what Utah is when it comes to riding a bike—it has all the requirements for great gravel riding,” he says.

The race will be based in Heber City, which is near Salt Lake City.

“The Wasatch All-Road was born out of exploring the mostly untapped gravel in the High Uintas and falling in love with the beauty and difficulty of the terrain,” said former pro Barrett Brandon. “This is not just another gravel race. This course is diabolical. It has all kinds of terrain, from rutted-out jeep road to chunky gravel to pavement, and after you crest the top of the Wasatch Wall at 10,000 feet of elevation, you still have over 8,000 feet of vertical to go.”

The race is hosted by Ventum, a bike company based in Heber City, and Louder said some of the race will support local businesses and the local schools’ mountain bike programs as part of the Utah High School Cycling League.

Registration for the Wasatch All-Road is open now at