Monuments of Gravel: Vote for the fifth race on our list

For our final Monument of Gravel, our voting pool was deadlocked between Rebecca's Private Idaho and Crusher in the Tushar. Now, you can vote for one of these events to help us complete our Monuments of Gravel list.

Throughout the Monuments of Gravel project, our goal was to determine the five gravel races that carry the most prestige to win. Not the longest race or the hardest, or the race with the best feed zones or the biggest participant list — the ones that bring the most prestige to the winner. Thus, our voting pool for this project was comprised of gravel racers who have actually won these races.

Sorry, weekend warriors, we didn’t include you for our initial vote.

Our group of elite gravel racers gave us a wide range of races to place on our list. Michigan’s Barry Roubaix received multiple votes, as did Gravel Worlds in Nebraska, California’s Grinduro, the Rasputitsa Spring Classic, among other events on the calendar.

In the end, there was one unanimous selection, the Dirty Kanza 200. Then, Belgian Waffle Ride, The Mid South, and SBT GRVL also received enough votes to make the list.

For our final Monument of Gravel, however, our voting pool was deadlocked. Rebecca’s Private Idaho and Crusher in the Tushar received the exact same number of votes. We plan to cover both races extensively during the 2020 season, yet we still wanted to see if there was a way to break the tie. We went back and forth of multiple ways to break the deadlock amongst our voting pool. In the end, however, we decided to open the vote to you, the reader.

Thus, we are conducting an online poll over the next week to help us decide the fifth and final selection to our Monuments of Gravel list.

Click through this link to vote, and we thank you for your participation!