Lauf goes consumer direct, cuts $1,000+ off prices

Complete gravel bikes from the Icelandic pioneer now start at $2,390.

Lauf Cycling, the Icelandic brand that debuted in 2014 with its distinct, leaf-spring fork, just switched its business model to consumer direct, effectively slashing $1,000 or more off the price of each bike.


Lauf’s new model debuted ‘Direct To You’, will operate similarly to Canyon in that you will no longer be able to buy a Lauf — or demo it — through a shop, but you will be able to interact directly with the company and save money.

“When we entered the cycling industry, we had no ambitions to become a wholesaler. We want to be a part of the cycling community,” the company said in a press release about the change. “Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this way you’ll get the best possible price on our bikes.”

Lauf says that the bikes will be delivered tuned and nearly assembled, with only the handlebar, seat post and front wheel needing to be installed.

By going consumer direct, Lauf is dropping its prices substantially.

“If you have ever bought anything from IKEA, you are probably overqualified,” the company claims of the assembly required.

If you have bought a Lauf within the last 30 days, the company will give you an online store credit for the difference.

The company has two models, the True Grit gravel bike and the Anywhere road/gravel bike.

Lauf now has Grit SL suspension forks with size-tuned spring stiffness for rider weight.

As part of the move to consumer direct, Lauf is inviting potential customers to book video calls on its website to talk directly to staff.