Geraint Thomas completes three 12-hour Zwift rides to raise funds for health service

Tour de France champion rode 36 hours on Zwift from Wednesday through Friday, raises over £300,000.

2018 Tour de France champion Geraint Thomas has raised over £300,000 ($375,000) for the UK’s health service by riding a grueling 36 hours on Zwift.

The Welshman completed the last of his three 12-hour rides Friday night. The challenge was designed to represent the typical shift of UK National Health Service hospital staff and raise money to support the nation’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Thomas had set himself the target of raising £100,000 ($125,000) but smashed through that in the first 12-hour block, Wednesday.

The Ineos rider completed the sessions in his garage, at home, documenting his journey on social media and encouraging riders to join him for parts of the ride on Zwift. The challenge was also filmed live and broadcasted on Facebook.

“Less than half an hour to go, finally, although that seems such a long time,” Thomas said in a live update Friday night. “Thanks again to everyone that’s donated, everyone that’s joined me on the ride, fair play. One last final push… and I can’t sit down!”

Thomas was joined for the final twelve hours by his Ineos teammate Luke Rowe. The pair had also both raced in an Ineos intra-team Zwift race Sunday, won by Rohan Dennis. The mass-participation ride before the race had attracted a record 15,000 Zwifters.

On completing his 36-hour ordeal Friday night, Thomas posted his thanks on Twitter, along with a picture of himself with a beer and a curry. Presumably he ate it all standing up.