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Friday’s letters: More on America, Americans and Guido welcomes your letters. If you run across something in the pages of VeloNews magazine or see something on that causes you to wantto write us, drop us a line.Please include your full name and home town. By submitting mail to this address, you are consenting to the publication of your letter.Short and to the pointRe: Chris Doig's letter. (see"But does he know the words?" in " Thursday's Mail bag ").You turd. How you can mention 9/11 and bicycle racing in the same sentence bewilders me.Ed BeaudetAustin, Texas Guido is not taking a roster spotChris Doig (USCF

Don't miss a moment from Paris-Roubaix and Unbound Gravel, to the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a España, and everything in between when you join Outside+. welcomes your letters. If you run across something in the pages of VeloNews magazine or see something on that causes you to wantto write us, drop us a line.

Please include your full name and home town. By submitting mail to this address, you are consenting to the publication of your letter.

Short and to the point
Re: Chris Doig’s letter. (see”But does he know the words?” in “ Thursday’s Mail bag “).

You turd. How you can mention 9/11 and bicycle racing in the same sentence bewilders me.

Ed Beaudet
Austin, Texas

Guido is not taking a roster spot
Chris Doig (USCF cat. 1) writes: “Does he even know our national anthem? I find it quite sad, especially with 9/11 here, to bump a true American, from a spot on a team, that represents America.”

Somebody needs to tell Chris Doig that the USCF can send 12 riders to the World Championships, but is only sending seven. Sounds to me like they’re having problems filling out the roster with qualified, willing riders. You can’t say that Trenti bumped “a true American”, when there are still five open slots on the team, even with Trenti riding.

Steven L. Sheffield

It appears that someone just did tell him. To expand on that point, USA Cycling’s director of athletics, Steve Johnson, confirms that the U.S. has 12 slots open to it for the men’s road race. “Out of the people who petitioned, we had seven that we felt were qualified.” Johnson noted that the top-ranked U.S. professional who petitioned for a world’s spot was Fred Rodriguez — currently fourth among Americans on UCI points. The next highest-ranked rider is Guido Trenti. Riders like Lance Armstrong, Tyler Hamilton, Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie, Jonathan Vaughters, Trent Klasna and Danny Pate did, for a variety of reasons, not petition.

As for Trenti’s commitment to the team, Johnson said he is satisfied that Trenti will be riding for Rodriguez and not for his professional teammate, Mario Cipollini. “We had the discussion with him about that. He says he is ready to ride for Fred and to be a part of the U.S. team. He’s ready and he says he’s proud to be part of the team. We’re happy to have him.” — Editor

Proud to call Guido an American
First of all, Mr. Greig. As the Tour of KC promoter, you are in the unique position to embarrass yourself just a little more than a shmoe like me.

How many Americans are named Guido? Would you be so bold about saying something like “come on, how many Americans are Jews?” or how about, “come on, how many Americans are half-asian?” or maybe “Wait, is anyone in Chris Horner’s family from a communist bloc country? Is he a libertarian?”

We selected Antonio Cruz, why not ask how many Americans are named “Cruz?” “Come on, Tony Cruz is Hispanic, he probably can’t race that well where there are no mariachi bands and paella!”

Perhaps the world’s selection should be based on a “master race” concept, in which only true Americans can participate.

How about something like, “Lance Armstrong to lead a tour team? Come on, how many Americans had a testicle removed?” “What kinda name is Rodriguez anyway? is he some kinda illegal immigrant?”

Shall I go on? Mr. Greig, you are a bigoted idiot. If I lived in the KC area, a statement like that would earn my wrath. I’d be inclined to write the local newspaper and otherwise rally against you. That’s the type of insidious, jingoistic bigotry that’s the cause of most of the world’s problems.

1. Does Mr. Trenti have a U.S. Passport?
2. Is he a talented, internationally proven professional, who just yesterday proved he’s in top form with a stage win (a tough one, no less) in a grand tour? (Actually, that was Guido Trentin from Cofidis. Trenti, however, won a stage last year at the Vuelta. — Editor)
3. Does he have the desire? Has he proven it?

That’s all it takes, as far as I know, and from what I can tell all answers are “Yes.”

Reading down the list of reasons VN readers provided why Signore Trenti shouldn’t be allowed, I can’t seem to find one good one. Do we assume Freddy’s really going to be riding for any of his old Mapei teammates or any of his current Domo teammates?

The world’s road race is a unique animal, and it rarely unfolds in a way that other races do. Sure, the Italians usually race against themselves (wait, isn’t that a good reason to have an Italian on our team?), an unknown sprinter like Oscar Freire can pull off a win, or a deserving Romans Vainstains can come through. It’s an exciting race because it’s so unpredictable, and the fact that national team allegiances and rivalries exist alongside trade team allegiances and rivalries is well known. What are we supposed to do, pick people with American names who have never worked for an international trade team?

Good luck Guido! And please don’t pay attention to some of your fellow countrymen like Peter Greig. I’m glad he’s finally riding for us — whoever made that decision I applaud and think it’s a step in the right direction for US cycling.

The opinions of Mr. Greig are part of the reason we’ve been in the cycling stone ages for so long. “All them dang funny named rahders!!!!!”

Tony D’Ambrosio
Atlanta, GA

I would sure put money on the fact that Guido is there to lead out Cipo, not Freddie. Yeah more U.S. pros shouldn’t snub the race. But then just fill the spots up anyway. Who cares? It might just make someone’s season to race at the top.

It might just be the motivation factor that turns the person’s training perspective around. Other countries will generally max out the roster. It is good for experience; teach people in the U.S. what it means to suffer like a dog.

I’m gonna be at the race cheering them on, I would at least like to know they contribute to the level and class of American cycling. Oh yeah, no Danny Pate?? What is up with that! Defending World Champ, even if he isn’t an espoir anymore. Geeez, it’s too bad. Go USA.

Michael L. Cody

Maybe just do it by the numbers

How many riders per country are allowed at the world’s anyway?

As long as Guido rides for the U.S. and not Italy then I don’t have a problem with it. Levi’s sick, George and Tyler both had bad crashes recently and who can blame Lance for wanting to spend some family time back in Texas instead of extending his season till October for a race he’s already won and that doesn’t register anywhere close to Le Tour and the Olympics on the general publics radar. What would happen if the USCF just went down the UCI ranking and chose the top Americans? I’m not saying it’s a good way to do it but at least it wouldn’t be as subjective.

Andrew Scharff

An American by any other name
I am getting quite dismayed at the jingoism, chest-thumping and outright xenophobia that some of the other readers are displaying in the wake of the selection of Guido Trenti.

Last time I checked, America was supposed to be an open, inclusive country, built on immigration. What, Guido’s not acceptable because he’s not one of the “huddled masses?” He is an American citizen, with an USPro license just as good as anyone else’s.

Oh, and I know quite a few Americans named Guido. Maybe some of the readers should meet a more diverse group of people.

Matt Craver

And while yer at it, what the heck kinda name is LeMond?
I would like to address the divisive and downright un-American positions being expressed by the anti- Guido Trenti crowd. Mr. Trenti is in fact a U.S. citizen and is thus entitled to be treated accordingly.

All of you so-called “patriots” who want to redefine constitutional law to make exceptions where cyclists are involved should be ashamed of yourselves. Some readers seem to have become rather wholly absorbed in these inappropriately isolationist viewpoints. Too many people are forgetting that America is supposed to be a land of inclusion. Mr. Trenti’s mother is an American and his father is Italian. He has accepted the American citizenship that is legally and rightfully available to him.

Furthermore, I have heard too much whining about, “Guido can’t speak English.” There is certainly not a shortage of American citizens living here, or abroad, who do not or can not speak English. This is a simple, albeit unfortunate, fact.

The most idiotically absurd commentary that I have heard is all this moaning about his name not sounding sufficiently American. Oh really? Is it any less American than LeMond, Vande Velde, Hincapie, Leipheimer, Vaughters, Julich, Rodriguez, Cruz, Boyer, McRae, Andreu, Phinney or Zabriskie… to name a few of the best known from the past several years.

Therefore, if Guido Trenti wants to ride for the team, is deemed physically up to the task, is likely to contribute to the effort, and is fairly selected based on the merits of his skills…then let the man ride and cheer him on.

John Edwards
Greenville, South Carolina

It’s all about the calendar
Until the UCI moves the World Championships to a more reasonable date in the already long cycling season, top riders like Lance and George will continue to skip the race and greatly reduce our chances of winning medals.

Guy Walker
Milton, MA welcomes your letters, and not just because it’s content that we don’t have to pay for. Really.

So send yours to Shorter is better, no matter what the spammers claim, but no matter how brief the comment, everything gets edited for spelling, grammar, usage, libel, silliness, idiocy, and vicious, unprincipled assaults. Letters and responses may not be rebroadcast or redistributed without the express written permission of the National Football League… Whoops, wrong sport. Bigger necks, smaller packages.And now we return you to the VeloNews Web site, already in progress.