Ferrari lashes out against reports of Astana meeting

Banned doctor Michele Ferrari adamantly refutes the allegations that he met with the Astana team prior to the 2014 season

In a blog post on coaching website 53×, Dr. Michele Ferrari issued a strong statement refuting Monday’s report that he had met with the Astana team.

“I feel obliged, albeit very reluctantly, to once again deny the latest MEDIA BULLSH*T with regards to my presence (“during the night”, or even in broad daylight, if you prefer) at the Astana Team Training Camp in Montecatini (I’ve been in that town, if I remember correctly, in 1994 to taste the famous waffles) last year in November,” Ferrari wrote.

The 61-year-old Italian from Ferrara is banned globally after being found guilty of doping cyclists over the past two decades. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s (USADA) 2012 investigation into Lance Armstrong resulted in a lifetime ban for Ferrari. Its Reasoned Decision showed that he helped with EPO, blood transfusions, and other prohibited drugs and methods from 1999-2007.