Eroica series expands with three new events

L'Eroica series of vintage bike rides expands with new rides in Uruguay, South Africa and the Netherlands.

The increasingly popular L’Eroica series of vintage bike events is expanding with three new rides in 2016, taking the show to Uruguay, South Africa, and the Netherlands for a total of eight rides this year.

Twenty years ago, the original Italian ride took place in Gaole in Chianti. Organizers have gradually grown the calendar to include stops around the world.

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L’Eroica cycling series 2016 calendar:

April 10: Eroica California – Paso Robles, United States
April 23: Eroica South Africa – Montagu
May 1: Eroica Primavera – Buonconvento, Italy
May 15: Eroica Japan – Eiyu
June 5: Eroica Hispania – Cenicero, Spain
June 19: Eroica Britannia – Bakewell, United Kingdom
July 3: Eroica Limburg – Netherlands
December 4-6: Eroica Punta del Este – Uruguay