Dowsett postpones hour-record attempt

Despite hopes that he could heal in time for a scheduled February hour-record ride, Dowsett and Movistar postpone the planned attempt

Alex Dowsett and the Movistar team announced on Thursday that the British rider’s UCI hour-record attempt, scheduled for February 27 at London’s Lee Valley VeloPark, has been postponed.

Dowsett crashed last Tuesday, breaking his collarbone. Initially, the 26-year-old hoped he’d be able to recover in time for the planned hour-record ride. However, in Thursday’s press statement Movistar said “Attempting the record would have been a risky decision, compromising the rest of the season for Alex and putting extra pressure on his recovery.”

“I’m really gutted this has happened,” said Dowsett. “I’ve never worked harder for anything, and to make this difficult decision with the team and lose this opportunity is a real blow.

“The positive is that it is a record attempt so we will be attempting it at a later date. I cannot thank Movistar, Canyon, Endura, and the rest of the team partners enough for their continued support as well as my family and friends. But most of all I’d like to thank everyone that’s supported me with words of encouragement both in training pre-crash and words of support and well wishes post-crash. It really was overwhelming. I’ll now recover properly and be back to full fitness for the road season and another crack at the ‘perfect hour.’”

Once Dowsett is fully recovered, he will reevaluate plans for a run at the UCI hour record and find a suitable date.