Dowsett aims to break Wiggins hour record in 2017

Alex Dowsett plans to take a second run at the world hour record in early 2017, aiming for the mark set by Bradley Wiggins in 2015.

The BBC reports that Alex Dowsett will take another run at the world hour record in 2017, in an effort to beat the 54.526km mark set by Bradley Wiggins.

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Dowsett, who races professionally for the Spanish Movistar team, rode the hour for his¬†first time on May 2, 2015, going a distance of 52.937km in Manchester, England’s velodrome. At the time, it was a new world record, beating Rohan Dennis’s result¬†from February.

However about one month later, Wiggins shattered his fellow Brit’s record, but this time at the Lee Valley VeloPark outside of London.

Since then, only one other man has attempted the hour, Tom Zirbel, who rode in Mexico at the Aguascalientes track. The American managed to better Dowsett’s ride with a distance of 53.037 at the high-altitude track but was still well short of Wiggins. He did set a new U.S. hour record.

According to BBC, Dowsett, 26, will make the attempt in early 2017, again in Manchester.