Dennis flouts Spain’s lockdown rules, deletes social media accounts

Australian deletes Instagram and Twitter accounts after backlash from posting images of himself in his car in Girona.

It seems more than a month of lockdown got the better of Rohan Dennis.

The world time trial champion posted photos on social media of himself in his car near his European home base in Girona, Spain, that appeared to flout Spain’s severe quarantine policies. The text below the photo read: “Day 34 – cracked and left the house. #covid19 can suck my ass and so can #quarantine.”

Dennis, 29, responded to criticism on social media posts between shutting down both his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Spain is currently under one of the world’s most strict quarantine conditions to control coronavirus. Since March 15, all schools and most businesses are closed; residents are only allowed to leave their homes for quick trips to the grocery store or pharmacy. Many foreign riders who live in Spain, and in nearby Andorra, have not been able to train outdoors for more than one month.

Dennis, who abruptly left last year’s Tour de France after a spat with his former team Bahrain-Merida, is known for strong opinions. Following a social media backlash, Dennis deleted his public accounts.

This comes on the heels of another top rider who has seemingly had enough of being stuck indoors. Late last week, Philippe Gilbert was fined by officials in Monaco after being caught riding his bike outside. Gilbert later apologized, saying he wanted to get some fresh air while riding, adding, “Every citizen is equal before the law. Just because I won Paris-Roubaix last year doesn’t mean I have more rights than another person.”