Danilo Di Luca cleared to return to competition in January

After he cooperated with investigators, the Italian Olympic Committee has reduced Danilo DiLuca's suspension by nine months

Danilo Di Luca has been cleared to return to competition in January 2011 after an anti-doping tribunal at the Italian Olympic Commitee (CONI) reduced a two-year doping ban to 15 months Friday.

Di Luca wants to make up for lost time.
Di Luca wants to make up for lost time.

Di Luca, the 2007 Giro d’Italia winner, was initially banned for two years after testing positive for the latest generation of the banned blood booster erythropoietin (CERA) after finishing runner-up in 2008.

He was handed a 280,000-euro fine and banned until July 21, 2011. However, his collaboration with investigators probing illicit doping methods and practices has allowed him an early return.

Di Luca insisted, however, he implicated no one.

“I gave no names,” said Di Luca. “I did it for (the good of) cycling, not to point the finger at any cyclists. I explained the methods (of doping). My decision to speak was above all to help educate the youth.”

Now hoping to find a team and “return to the classics and the Giro d’Italia,” Di Luca said he is simply happy to get back to competition.

“I’m happy because finally I can go back to work as of tomorrow,” he added as he left the tribunal. “In this last year and a half I haven’t stopped training. Now I just have to make up for lost time.”