Yes, you can take a drink while racing cyclocross

Cyclocross racers can put a bottle on a spare bike or carry one in a jersey pocket, but can't take handups from anyone on the side of the course

Cyclocross racers are allowed to carry water bottles in their back pockets, wear a hydration pack, or put a bottle on a spare bike, but they can’t take hand-ups from anyone on the side of the course, according to a UCI statement released Thursday.

The governing body issued the clarifying statement, laying out precisely when and how ‘cross racers can take a drink, following confusion over feed rules at Ellison Park Cyclocross in Rochester, New York last weekend.

“I’m upset about it. I feel banning feeds was the wrong decision and would like actions to clarify the rules, but also I want the elite cyclocross community (who this impacts) to voice their opinion for a rule change,” U.S. national champion Jeremy Powers said after the event.

The UCI statement clarifies the current rules:

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) acknowledges comments made about the rule change and wishes to clarify the following points. Riders may carry fluids on their bicycles and install bottles on their spare bicycles in the pit area. Hands-free water carrying systems such as backpacks are permitted, and riders may also carry water bottles in their jersey pockets. However, it is forbidden to receive a bottle from anybody along the course. Extra fluids can only be obtained during the race when a rider takes a spare bicycle, already equipped with a bottle, from the pit area. The UCI Cyclo-cross Commission will be following the matter very closely.