VN Show: The new stars of U.S. cyclocross

There's been a generational shift in U.S. men's cyclocross. So who are the new stars of domestic CX?

Editor’s note: This VeloNews Show includes images from Sam Smith/US Cup-CX,,, Flickr Creative Commons, Kisseberth, Meg McMahon

Cyclocross season is here, and we are following the new Sho Air US Cup-CX series, which had its first two rounds this past weekend at the KMC Cyclocross Festival in Connecticut.

There’s been a generational shift in the pro men’s field, with longtime stars Ryan Trebon, Tim Johnson, and Todd Wells all riding off into the sunset. In their place there is a new crop of young racers, such as Tobin Ortenblad, Kerry Werner, and others. So who are these young guns? In this week’s episode of The VeloNews Show, we sit down with four-time national champion Jeremy Powers to learn about the new blood in U.S. ‘cross.

All that and more on this week’s The VeloNews Show!