VN podcast, ep. 67: U.S. women flying in CX World Cup; Down Under wrap

American women are flying on the 'cross World Cup scene. Plus we get the scoop on Tour Down Under from Andrew Hood.

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Welcome to the VeloNews cycling podcast, where we discuss the latest trends, news, and controversies in the world of cycling.

Katie Compton and Kaitie Keough went one-two in the Nommay ‘cross World Cup. We look back on a memorable race for the Americans and puzzle over Mathieu van der Poel’s seemingly nonchalant approach to winning.

Then, Fred Dreier calls up Andrew Hood for the inside line on Tour Down Under. From the heat to the surprise winner, to the cuddly critters, Hoody gets us up to speed.

Plus we consider who was off the front and who was off the back in the past week of bike racing.

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