VN podcast, ep. 56: The key cyclocross stories of 2017

On this podcast we round up the key stories to follow in the world of cyclocross, from the European World Cup to domestic racing.

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Welcome to the VeloNews cycling podcast, where we discuss the latest trends, news, and controversies in the world of cycling.

The cyclocross season is underway. Dutchman Mathieu van der Poel has been dominating the European scene, especially the World Cup. The women’s field, on the other hand, has afforded more surprises and even a few fresh faces.

On the domestic scene, Sho-Air has formed a new series in the US Cup-CX. Fred Dreier and Chris Case have traveled to the first two stops and share their insights. We take a look at some of the key riders to watch.

Plus, we have our usual antics with Ask a Cat 3 and the weekly VeloNews Podium.

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