VN pod, ep. 58: Inside Movistar team camp; US Cup-CX wrap

European correspondent Andrew Hood reports from Movistar's recent camp, we wrap up the US Cup-CX series, and more.

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Welcome to the VeloNews cycling podcast, where we discuss the latest trends, news, and controversies in the world of cycling.

This year is starting to wrap up, which means that pro cyclists are heading to sunny Southern Spain for team camps. VeloNews European correspondent Andrew Hood was at Movistar’s recent camp. He explains what happens at these camps and has an update on how the team will handle its wealth of GC contenders. (Somehow they’re all going to race the Tour!?)

The US Cup-CX cyclocross series also just wrapped up. We talk about the key riders — Stephen Hyde, Kaitie Keough, Katie Compton, and more. Plus, we have a new segment to go along with our usual weekly VN Podium.

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