Rider dies after crash in French cyclocross race

A 34-year-old cyclist dies after suffering a head injury in a French cyclocross race Sunday

GUÉRET, France (AFP) — A 34-year-old cyclist is dead after suffering a serious fall Sunday in a regional cyclocross championship race in the town of Grand-Bourg, located in Creuse, France.

Shortly after the start of the race on Sunday afternoon, two riders tangled and were injured in a crash. One suffered a fracture, and the other had a serious head injury after hitting the asphalt and breaking his helmet.

The second rider was hospitalized at the University Hospital of Limoges and was in a coma. He was pronounced dead Monday.

In an unrelated incident, world mountain bike champion Julien Absalon broke his left collarbone in a cyclocross race held in Saulxures-sur-Moselotte, in Vosges, France.