Have we reached ‘peak cyclocross?’

Has U.S. cyclocross participation reached a plateau? An interesting blog post seems to suggest as much with data from

A little over a year ago, I wrote about the state of pro cyclocross in the U.S. I led off with a disclaimer that, in terms of overall participation, cyclocross is booming. Well, where are we at today, in the midst of the #CXNats hype train, and the muddy Hartford slip-and-slide? I suspected that ‘cross participation had plateaued, and a recent blog by cyclocross racer and all-around smart guy James Scott seems to confirm that.

It all started with a tweet:

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Scott then took data from, an impressive repository of data, rankings, and other fun stuff, and crunched the numbers.

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“It appears that some strongholds of CX are a bit less strong than they were a few years ago, and growing areas aren’t quite making up for the decline,” he writes. When we reached out to him to ask about the analysis, he added, “My caveat is that the data comes from, so is a mix of USAC and non-USAC races. I’d love to do the same analysis on the USAC data.”

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