Podcast: Why women’s ‘cross is more exciting, Werner interview

Many of America's male CX stars are injured. What's that mean for nationals? Also, we discuss why the women's World Cup is fun to watch.

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Two interesting storylines are developing in the world of cyclocross. In the U.S., the door is opening for a newcomer to win men’s nationals. Abroad, the elite women’s field is more competitive than ever.

We lead off with a conversation about the domestic scene and the litany of injuries taking top riders out of the picture. We call up Kerry Werner to hear about how this changes the races and his chances to win a Stars and Stripes jersey.

Then, we shift our focus to Europe. Don’t worry about Mathieu van der Poel winning the men’s races by a country mile, the women’s field offers the most exciting racing a fan could ask for.

All that and more on this episode of the VeloNews podcast!

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