In the News: Vaminolact infusions discovered in Meeusen’s camper

Cyclocross pro Tom Meeusen is suspected of taking infusions of infant medication, which could land him a two-year ban if confirmed

Het Nieuwsblad reports that Belgian cyclocross star Tom Meeusen is suspected of taking injections of Vaminolact, an infant medication. According to reports, doping investigators found the infusion materiel in his camper.

Like fellow countryman Laurens Sweeck, Meeusen would face a two-year ban if the allegations are confirmed. Although Vaminolact is not a banned substance, injections are. On Thursday, Meeusen’s lawyer, Stijn Debaene, denied that his client had taken infusions. Meeusen is also linked to Dr. Chris Mertens, who is being investigated in Belgium for allegedly providing ozone therapy to top athletes.