Montreal cyclocross World Cup cancelled

Due to a lack of funding, the UCI pulls the plug on the second round of the cyclocross World Cup, planned for Montreal in September

The UCI announced on Monday that the planned cycloross World Cup round in Montreal, scheduled for September 19 has been cancelled.

“Despite final efforts to secure the significant government funding necessary to host a high-level World Cup event, this has not been received in time to comfortably proceed,” the UCI statement read. “With teams and suppliers needing to plan ahead, it was felt that the decision not to proceed for 2015 had to be made at this time.”

However, there is still potential for a World Cup round in Montreal in years to come, as the statement continued, “It is the place and desire of both the UCI and Cycling Canada to hold the event in the future.”

The World Cup race in Montreal was scheduled for three days after the opening round of the World Cup in Las Vegas.

“Of course everybody’s saddened to see the demise of what looked to be a great addition to the World Cup schedule,” Brook Watts, race director of World Cup CrossVegas, told VeloNews via email. “The economic state of any sponsorship is difficult worldwide, and even more so for a niche sport like cyclocross.

“It won’t have an effect on World Cup CrossVegas, and I’m confident that the globalization of cyclocross will continue as the sport gains a foothold in all four corners of the world. I look forward to a Montreal World Cup race in the coming seasons.”

The Canadian organizers characterized the news as a “postponement,” not a cancellation.

“The challenges we’ve faced came mainly from logistic and financial components,” said Patrice Drouin, president of Gestev, executive producer of the event. “Because of insufficient time, we couldn’t bring together in time all the right partners needed in order to deliver an event that is up to the standards of a UCI World Cup. Taking into account the financial risk caused by this lack of time in coming with optimal conditions to hold a successful event, the committee has proposed to Cycling Canada and Union Cycliste Internationale to defer it to a later date. Even though all current partners that were approached we’re fully collaborating, time was not on our side.”

The organizers’ statement also noted, “Let’s also mention that other major events were taking place in Montréal at the same time, making it difficult to hold the event in one single day.”