In The News: Renewed push to make cyclocross an Olympic sport

The UCI will meet with the IOC next week to discuss the sport's inclusion to the Olympic program

Lobbying to add ’cross to the Winter Olympics begins — Gazet van Antwerpen

Does cyclocross belong in the Winter Olympics? A new effort to get the ever-growing cycling discipline into the Olympic program begins next week.

According to the Gazet van Antwerpen, cyclocross and cross-country running will be discussed with the International Olympic Committee as they vie for Olympic status. Normally, sports in the Winter Games involve either snow or ice. ’Cross and cross-country running would be an obvious shift from that standard.

Peter Van Den Abeele, the UCI’s cyclocross coordinator, will meet with the IOC’s Christophe Dubi next week.

Van Den Abeele noted that when mountain biking was added to the Olympics, the number of countries fielding teams at the world championships increased dramatically. He thinks the same would happen in cyclocross.

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