An aerial view of cyclocross nationals

An engineering major at the University of Vermont filmed the muddy, and ultimately icy, racing with his handheld camera and drone.

Participants at last week’s USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships saw the course in Hartford, Connecticut change drastically each day. Damp conditions initially turned the grassy course into slippery mud, which then became blanketed by snow — and then it froze into bulletproof ice. Perhaps no visual better showcases this change than this video, shot by Noah Bell.

A junior engineering major at the University of Vermont, Bell traveled to Hartford to film the action with his handheld steady camera, as well as his DJI Phantom II Quadcopter. Bell owns a remote pilot’s license, which allowed him to shoot in the park.

Bell told VeloNews he was amazed how each day the course presented new challenges due to the changing conditions.

“Each day it was all about finding the course feature that riders were struggling with,” Bell said. “Everybody was looking at the long run up the massive hill. Each day it seemed like there was a better way to get up it, and some days you could ride across. Other times you just had to run the entire hill. I had plenty to look for.”