CPA calls for unity in protecting riders through coronavirus crisis

"We'll never accept a generalized reduction in salaries," states union as it looks to protect riders' pay in wake of coronavirus crisis.

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The Cyclistes Professionnels Associés (CPA), the union for active pro cyclists, has called for unity among riders, teams, sponsors and agents to protect cyclists through the coronavirus pandemic.

The CPA has issued a statement in the wake of a growing number of teams cutting rider salaries, sponsors raising concerns over their investments, and the UCI introducing a raft of economic measures to curb costs.

“We’re aware of the difficulties that sponsors and the teams can face during this emergency; we’re ready to listen and to make compromises for the good of the whole sport,” Gianni Bugno, CPA president, said. “But at the same time we will be vigilant to avoid any speculation and to limit the difficulties the riders and their families face.”

“It’s not acceptable to make major cuts to salaries without the proof that the contracts cannot be respected. We hope everyone will try to find the best solution so that riders, team staff and anyone from the cycling family [are] not abandoned.”

As part of a range of cutbacks announced Wednesday, the UCI stated that it was creating working groups with the CPA and teams to agree on a framework to support teams suffering from lost revenue resulting from the coronavirus racing stop. The CPA stated it is working closely with rider agents as part of this process to ensure that “nobody gains or loses by making agreements that damage others.”

After recent weeks have seen several teams reduce rider wages by between 30 and 70 percent, and CCC Team suspended all activity for future months, the CPA is urging cycling’s stakeholders to work together for the universal good.

“We’ll never accept a generalized reduction in salaries; we’ll evaluate each case individually and study how to limit the problems with specific help and strategies,” Laura Mora, CPA secretary said. “We’re all in the same boat, in the middle of a storm and so to save everyone, we’ve got to respect the common principles and really work as a team.”