Collegiate cycling, female athletes

Reader letters on collegiate cycling and female athletes

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Thank you

Thank you for stepping your coverage of collegiate cycling.

I really enjoy reading about what’s going down around the other conferences. It is a pleasure and an honor to see collegiate racing presented in-line with the professional events.

Joe Patterson

That to which we should all aspire

Dear editor,

Regarding the recent exchanges on your coverage of women’s cycling and the character of female athletes:

We should all ride like girls. For that matter we should swim like girls and do every athletic endeavor like girls. What I mean is that there are so few professional opportunities for female athletes, you can rest assured that when they wiggle into Lycra, it’s for the purest of reasons. Especially in collegiate athletics, men strut around waiting for their pro contract for this or that. Because women don’t expect that, they compete for the love of their sports and a personal satisfaction that has nothing to do with pro money.

I have a 12-year-old daughter and believe female athletes provide the best role model for her. Their drive and athleticism matches and many times surpasses that of their male counterparts. But they also have a humility and the sense there is more to life ─ good grades, family and doing the right thing.

Gender aside, our most beloved athletes are those who exhibit what we see most often in the female athlete.

So, I say, ride like a girl ─ if you can.

Keith Whelpley,
Las Cruces, New Mexico