Bad influences, poor choices and trash talk

Bad influences, poor choices and trash talk

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Smoke, smoke, smoke …

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Bikes and smokes don't mix.

Dear VeloNews,
I was shocked and disappointed that you posted an old image of a cigarette ad on the VeloNews home page.

Sure, it’s from 70 years ago, but that sort of thing should never appear on a cycling website, even if you’re trying to be “ironic” in its presentation.
Alan Rogers
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Re: Amgen Tour

No Jamis Sutter Home? No Team Bahati? Shame on you!

(How’s that for short?)
Nolan Winkler
Hillsboro, New Mexico

Pro cycling or pro wrestling?

Dear editors,
I’m all for interesting stories, but what is with all of the trash talk appearing on lately?

First I see all of the banter coming out of the Dana Point Grand Prix and then the Cavendish/Greipel feud. What the heck is going on in this sport? Is this NASCAR or even worse, is cycling devolving into professional wrestling?!?!?
Mary Parsons
New York, New York

Expectations and their consequences

Dear VeloNews,
How about the poll:

“When riding, I stop at stop signs and red lights, and do my best to follow traffic laws:” Options: “All the time”, “Sometimes”, “Rarely” and “Never” and the follow up poll (listed directly below the question above):

“When riding, I expect to be treated with rights and respect:” Options: “Above and beyond those of motorists”, “The same as motorists”, and “Less than those of motorists”

Thanks for your consideration,
Adam Liegner
Syracuse, New York

The benefits of cycling

Dear VeloNews,
I thought this New York Times article was pretty astounding.  It’d be neat if you guys could do a piece on this.

Adam Gordon
Louisville, Colorado

Headline suggestion

Dear Velo,
While all of us associated with Horner’s former team, Webcor Builders, are extremely proud of Chris, how about this idea from the Webcor Builders’ CEO, Andy Ball, on the next VeloNews headline: “Horner Basqueing in Victory”
Ted Huang
Los Altos Hills, California

As Aurthur Koestler once said, “In the pun, two strings of thought are tangled into one acoustic knot.” We congratulate you and Andy. – Editor