ATOC team picks, fooled again, appropriate penalties

Readers weigh in on the Tour of California, April Fools and doping penalties

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ATOC team picks

Dear Velo,
I am really not sure what AEG and/or Medalist Sports is thinking with their Amgen Tour of California team selections.

Jamis-Sutter Home won the National Racing Calendar series last year. In other words, it’s the best team in the United States.

Jelly Belly? Planet Energy? Come on.

Brian Staby
Santa Rosa, California

Fished in! Fished in!

Dear VeloNews,
I really thought the article was legit at first, and then I remembered it was April 1, and then caught the drift. It was initially believable and seemed plausible until mention was made of the characteristic gesture!

WAY TO GO!!!!!
Alvaro “Bud” Valdez II

Punish the whole team

I have often wondered why cycling doesn’t adopt more of a “team” penalty strategy for doping violations. If a college basketball player has done something in violation of NCAA rules, the entire team may risk forfeiting its entire season.

If the team GC team leader is clean but a domestique isn’t, didn’t that GC rider (and therefore his team) benefit from the assistance provided by a dirty rider? If I’m at the top of the GC but it’s primarily because my support riders are doped, do I still get to claim innocence just because I’m clean?

I was in France in 1993 when a tour operator staff member noted his talent level wasn’t high enough to survive as a domestique without drugs but if he went that way, he would have a career. He decided to become a mechanic instead but when riding, his team leader went on to win a few Tours de France.

Teams with anti-doping stances are moving in the right directions but imagine the internal pressure for all to stay clean if riders knew all of their results could be wiped out because he or she got help from a tainted team member?

Mike Fisch
Denver, Colorado