Amgen Power Analysis: Philip Deignan stage 4

TrainingPeaks co-founder Dirk Friel reviews the power data from UHC rider Philip Deignan for the fourth stage of the Amgen Tour

Stage 4 Sonora – Clovis 209.6km

At 130 miles, Stage 4 was the longest stage of the 2012 Amgen Tour of California. The stage finished in a similar fashion to the previous three stages with Peter Sagan (Liquigas-Cannondale) claiming his fourth-straight victory.

This stage was not just long either, as the organizers designed a course with six categorized climbs, and mother nature took care of the rest with a hot and windy day (96F). This was probably one of the hottest day of racing for many of the European riders especially if they didn’t participate in the early season racing in Australia. The heat and hills may zap some of the legs as the race enters an important time trial in Bakersfield on stage 5.


  • 1. Peter SAGAN, Liquigas-Cannondale in 5:18:08
  • 2. Heinrich HAUSSLER, Garmin-Barracuda, at s.t.
  • 3. Michael MATTHEWS, Rabobank, at s.t.
  • 60. Philip DEIGNAN, UnitedHealthcare, at s.t.


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Training Stress Score: 294 TSS
Energy: 3718 KJ
Body Weight: 65kg
Average Heart Rate: 129 bpm
Max Heart Rate: 175 bpm

Peak Power Values
Average Watts: 196 W
Max Watts: 840 W
Normalized Power: 269
Peak 5-seconds: 743 W
Peak 1-minute: 441 W
Peak 6-minutes: 401 W
Peak 20-minutes: 332 W
Peak 180-minutes: 229 W

Deignan set his peak 6-minute power reading today on the first climb of the day at 401 W. This was a category 4 climb, which was covered in eight minutes, and he averaged 388 W, 402 normalized power (6.0 w/kg). There was a lot of action on this climb as teams maneuvered to try and be represented in the breakaway and the king of the mountain contenders also jockeyed for maximum points at the top.

The highest categorized climb of the day was a Cat. 2 ascent at mile 40 where Deignan rode for 17 minutes and averaged a more subdued 327 W. Since the main breakaway was established both his power and heart rate were quit a bit lower than the first climb of the day.

Crane Valley Rd. (Cat. 3) was the final climb of the day at mile 80 that saw Deignan average 336 W (348 np) for 20 minutes, which equates to 5.2 watts per kilogram. His heart rate averaged 164 bpm and maxed out at 174 bpm. This is also where he set his highest 20-minute power reading on stage 4.

Stay tuned for more power analysis as the Amgen Tour of California nears Sunday’s final stage in Los Angeles.

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