Amateur rider Jennifer Schumm banned four years for testosterone

Jennifer Schumm, 41, was handed a four-year ban Thursday for an anabolic agent after USADA declined her TUE applications.

Nearly two years after she provided a sample to anti-doping authorities at a local road race near Boulder, Colorado, Jennifer Schumm, 41, was handed a four-year ban Thursday for taking an anabolic agent.

Schumm, of Greenwood Village, Colorado, had taken her case to the American Arbitration Association (AAA) panel, which issued the four-year penalty. Her sample, provided May 28, 2016 at the Koppenberg Spring Classic, showed the presence of testosterone.

However, the matter is not so cut and dried.

Before the AAA panel, she argued that there was no intent to cheat and that it was a “bioidentical/natural” testosterone known as BioTe. Schumm had a prescription for the medication. She and her parents argued that she’d been dealing with medical issues for many years and BioTe was the only solution.

She even went so far as to apply for a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) multiple times. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency denied all of her requests and appeals.

Recently, it has become increasingly common for amateur cyclists (usually men) to apply for TUEs while on testosterone therapy.

However, she raced the Koppenberg event anyway and finished sixth.

“She learned before the Kloppenberg [sic] race that it was in fact prohibited and she needed a TUE to continue to take it in order to compete,” the AAA ruling read. “She chose to continue to take the testosterone, apply for the TUE and race, without declaring the testosterone on the doping control Declaration of Use Form when asked what substances she had taken, and gave her urine sample.”

Schumm did not contest the adverse analytical finding from that May anti-doping test. When notified, she accepted a provisional ban on July 21, 2016, shortly after winning the Salida Classic time trial in Colorado.

In the AAA hearing, she argued for a reduced ban as well as an anonymous ruling to protect her reputation and her livelihood as a coach and trainer. The AAA panel did not accept either of those arguments.

All of Schumm’s results from the May 28 test onward — eight races — will be disqualified.

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