Active Pass roundtable: Peter Sagan’s decision to race the Giro d’Italia over Paris-Roubaix

Is Tadej Pogačar in trouble now that two of his teammates have dropped out? And what's your take on Peter Sagan's decision to skip Paris-Roubaix to race the Giro d'Italia? Let's roundtable!

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You have questions about the 2020 Tour de France, and we have answers and educated opinions. Our veteran reporters, Andrew Hood and James Startt, are fielding your biggest inquiries each day in this Active Pass roundtable column. Today, we have a question about Tadej Pogačar’s dwindling UAE-Team Emirates supporting cast, and about Peter Sagan’s decision to race the Giro.

OK, let’s get to your questions!

Is Tadej Pogačar in any trouble without Fabio Aru and Davide Formolo?

Andrew Hood @eurohoody: Yes and no. He certainly will have less support in the mountains, and that could be a big problem if he gets into the lead, but if his goal is to continue to play disrupter of this tour it should not be a major issue. Pogačar emerged as the strongest climber in the Pyrenees, if that’s true in Alps, having help would be better.

James Startt: No, not particularly. OK, if he had the yellow jersey and had to defend it for a week, yes that would be a problem. But that is not the case, and he can just keep attacking and going for stages. That’s said, no he doesn’t want to take the jersey anytime soon. I actually think that he could well win this race, but he will have to take over the lead really on the final TT if he has the legs to win. Game on!

What do you think about Peter Sagan’s choice to race the Giro over Paris-Roubaix this year?

Andy: With the way the calendar has been disrupted, it’s probably the best year for Sagan to go to the Giro and skip the classics. It will be a shame to miss him during the classics but he was committed to racing the Giro at least once and I think it’s going to be a great show to have Sagan at the Giro.

James: I think it is great that big champions mix up their program. He has close ties to Italy and this is a way to give back to the Italian fans for all the support. Wherever he goes he enhances the stature of the event and attracts new fans. In addition to looking for new challenges, I think he understands that he is one of the sports true ambassadors.

What’s up with Valverde? He was so strong a few years ago and he doesn’t seem to be doing much at this Tour.

Andy: The fact that he is 40 has something to do with it Valverde did not go well in the lockdown he is a writer who likes to race Valverde is not the type of rider who is going to be on Zwift 4hrs a day. I think we will see Valverde later in this tour to try to win a stage. And the team is racing for the team classification so he will always be in the mix.

James: Maybe he is actually showing the signs of aging. After all he is 40! But don’t count him out. I think he still has a stage win in him easily! One thing is certain. He will be competitive untile the day he retires!

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