Zipp 303 S Series tubeless disc-brake wheels go even wider

While the 45mm rim depth remains unchanged, the Zipp 303 S Series tubeless disc-brake wheels swell to 27mm at their widest, while gaining 7mm of internal width at the tire bead.

Wider wheels are more aero and can accommodate wider tires. Wider tires offer less rolling resistance and can be run at a lower pressure, which means greater compliance and a more comfortable ride.

And now, Zipp 303 S Series tubeless disc-brake wheels come in a wider, tubeless-ready, disc-brake-only setup.

Since a wider rim allows a wider tire with more volume, tires can be run at a lower pressure, offering superior comfort and grip. Zipp claims this wider profile results in a 10-watt savings — compared with a competitor’s comparable wheel — at 40kph when using a 28mm tire. And, at $1,300 per set, this premium wheelset is priced $300 less than the new entry-level wheels from ENVE, which are the same depth and weight.

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The new, mid-depth, all-carbon wheels from the Indiana-based wheel manufacturer have been optimized for 28mm with tires, but can accommodate tires up to 55mm in width. If you’re a neo-traditionalist who loves clinchers-with-tubes, you’re out of luck — these new wheels can be set up with tubeless tires only.

Zipp 303 tubeless disc brake
Photo: Zipp/Jered Gruber

The 303 profile was optimized for performance on road or gravel without the constraints of accommodating a braking surface.

While the 45mm rim depth remains unchanged from the previous generation, Zipp boasts that the key innovations of the new 303 are the increased internal width of 23mm at the tire bead, and a maximum external width that swells to 27mm. This is 7mm and 2mm wider, respectively, from the previous generation of Zipp wheels.

The Zipp 303 S Series rims are laced to Zipp’s 76/176 disc brake hubs with 24 Sapim CX-Sprint spokes; the rear hub utilizes has the XDR driver body. A center lockring is included with wheel purchase.

Front: $625
Rear: $675
Set: $1,300
Weight: 1,540g/set