Shimano announces XT Di2, wireless E-Tube

Shimano’s family of electronic shifting continues to grow with the launch of the Deore XT Di2 group and an improved E-Tube system.

Shimano’s family of electronic shifting continues to grow with the launch of the Deore XT Di2 group. While the introduction of XT Di2 (M8050) comes as no surprise — it’s the next logical step for Shimano’s methodical product release schedule — the new group’s wireless E-Tube customization capability is the big news that has us excited.

Wireless E-Tube platform

The updated E-Tube platform allows for hand-held customization of Di2-enabled bikes with an app for tablets and phones. This makes adjusting shifting speeds, shifter assignments, multi-shift, and other programmable features more accessible and user-friendly. It also allows for easy firmware updates without plugging into any devices.

The new digital platform will also include integrated ANT private and Bluetooth connectivity when using Shimano’s D-Fly management system or the new MT800 Information Display unit. ANT private connectivity facilitates communication with a growing list of cycling computers, including Garmin, Magellan, and Wahoo, and allows riders to monitor information such as battery level, gear position, Fox iRD suspension position, and more.

Using the MT800 display, you can also toggle between three synchronized shift modes. Shimano’s synchro-shifting controls both derailleurs via a single Di2 shifter, selecting efficient gear combinations so riders don’t have to shift the front derailleur. This opens up more options for additional functions like the Fox iRD suspension shifter.

XT Di2 comes with a new, more capable Di2 battery (BT-DN110) that is required to utilize these new functions. The upgraded battery is the same shape and size as existing batteries so current Di2-compaible bikes and components will remain relevant. XTR Di2 is upgradable to be compatible with the wireless E-Tube platform but it will require a new battery and the updated display.

Deore XT Di2

Shimano’s new XT Di2 group borrows much of its technology, features, and ergonomics from the top of the line XTR Di2 (M9050) group but at a more affordable price. And this will be the first Di2 electronic system to utilize Shimano’s new E-Tube wireless capabilities.

The XT Di2 system is completely interchangeable with XTR Di2 parts and the mountain bike derailleurs will work with drop bars and Di2 road shifters. It can also work the other way around with road derailleurs working seamlessly with mountain bike shifters. As long as both front and rear derailleurs are from the same family (either both have to be mountain or both have to be road), you can mix and match as you please.

XT Di2 is Shimano’s widest range drivetrain, capable of shifting an 11-46-tooth cassette for 1×11 setups or an 11-42-tooth cassette for 2×11 drivetrains.

Di2 component pricing:

Front derailleur: $189
Rear derailleur: $293
MT800 digital display: $150
Single shift lever (for 1×11): $110
Two shift levers (for 2×11): $220
3x E-Tube wires: $70
Battery: $150
Junction box (for 2x): $29

Other component pricing:

Cassette: $90
Crank without chainrings (1×11): $122
Crank without chainrings (2×11): $181
Chainrings: $52
Front disc brake set: $115
Rear disc brake set: $120
Chain: $29
160mm rotor: $34


E-Tube wireless software will be available this summer
Available: September 2016