Interbike Tech: More picks and pics from Lennard Zinn

Steel isn't dead, it's just classier these days.

Renzo Formigli's classic steel Florentia road bike ...
Renzo Formigli's classic steel Florentia road bike ...

Italian framebuilder Renzo Formigli builds only custom one-off bikes out of either carbon or steel. His classic “Florentia” model has gold-plated lugs, while his “Amy Munro” carbon bike is a women’s specific design. Turnaround time is claimed to be 35 days.

Lighter than light

Fairwheel bikes displayed a Titus titanium mountain bike equipped with Di2, but unlike the mountain Di2 bike it displayed last year, this one has only a single shifter. A software engineer formerly with Google who lives in Maui reprogrammed the system so that it automatically shifts the front chainrings when appropriate.

The system completely avoids gear overlap by performing a double shift with each front shift. So, for example, when running through the gears from high to low, once you get to one of the largest cogs, the front derailleur automatically shifts to the big chainring, and the rear derailleur simultaneously shifts to a smaller cog.

Fairwheel also had a 6-pound road bike and a hand-painted aero bike.

Wounded in `Vegas

Ryders Eyewear hired a makeup artist to paint nasty wounds on show passersby who volunteer their skin.

Wounded and still smiling at Ryders.

In a photo booth set up in the booth, photos are taken of the wounds and will be posted on as part of an ongoing “Ride for Real” marketing campaign. Wounds are randomly selected by a panel of judges, and winning ones are awarded a pair of sunglasses a month for a year.


Gene Smith from KoolStop found penny-farthing planters on closeout for $99 each and bought 16 of them, some which adorn his home, office, trade show booths in the U.S. as well as in Europe.