Get a chance at winning a $1,350 Abbey toolkit by doing a good deed

Abbey Tools is supporting Grow Cycling Foundation's efforts to make our sport more inclusive.

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Gambling has never been a part of mountain biking. Maybe you could count those couple decades when the Interbike tradeshow was held in Las Vegas, but those are decades that most of us want to forget, and some of us already have. So, what if mountain bikers could bet on something that, win or lose, would support a good cause? What if we could drop a crisp Hamilton on winning, say, a boutique toolbox worth $1,350? And what if, in the process, we were supporting a huge step in making our sport more inclusive?

Well, do you feel lucky?

Grow Cycling graphic with words Community, Access, Opportunity, and Education

The Grow Cycling Foundation was started by former pro downhiller Eliot Jackson that aims to make our sport more inclusive. Grow Cycling’s first project is building a world-class pumptrack in Los Angeles. Of all of the major cities in the U.S., Los Angeles has the greatest need for such a facility, and it could potentially provide the greatest benefit. The sprawling metropolis is sparse with public transportation options, but dense with low-income residents. Any means to get people excited about bikes will have a lasting effect on keeping people mobile. But beyond that, Los Angeles is literally surrounded by mountain biking destinations. Go in any direction long enough, and you’ll either reach ocean, or sweet, sweet singletrack. That’s why Grow Cycling is determined to bring renowned pumptracksmiths Velo Solutions to the City of Angels to build a 30,000-square foot facility. But they’ll need help.

Closeup of Abbey toolkit

Equally renowned as toolsmiths, Abbey Tools has stepped in to put up one of their Team Issue Toolboxes to help draw support for the cause. For $10, you can enter to win a finely curated Pelican Case full of tools that you’ll want to handcuff to your wrist any time you leave the house with it. It includes a suite of Abbey’s own tools, as well as some from non endemic experts like Wera and Knipex (K’NEE-pecks). The Team issue Toolbox will either supplement what you’ve already got or replace it entirely. 

So, to place your bets … er … to support a good cause, sign up here.