Week in Tech: POC, MIPS partner; e-bike chain lube

Poc and MIPS team up to improve helmet safety, while Sidi overhauls its Genius road shoe. Oh, and now there's an e-bike-specific chain lube.

Here’s your Week in Tech — all of the gear news you need, none of the marketing gibberish you don’t want.

POC and MIPS team up for new helmet safety

Initially, POC created its own Spin technology to address rotational forces, while other helmet makers partnered with MIPS, the big name in helmet rotational safety. Now, MIPS and POC have teamed up to incorporate MIPS technologies into POC helmets, starting with the POCito Crane helmet that will hit the market in late summer of 2020. Then, in 2021, POC will release helmets featuring a new MIPS-enhanced rotational protection system designed specifically for POC helmets. That means POC’s SPIN system will be phased out. POC calls its overhaul the Whole Helmet Concept, which addresses the need for safety before, during, and after an impact. It’s not clear what the new technologies will look like or how they will differ from current systems, but the partnership seems to be firing on all cylinders for 2020.



Squirt E-bike chain lube addresses higher drivetrain torque

Squirt E-bike Chain Wax
Photo: Squirt

E-bikes tend to be rough on drivetrains due to the higher torque placed on components. Squirt lubricants intends to help lengthen the life of your e-bike drivetrain with its e-bike chain lube. According to Squirt, the new wax-based lube is a “biodegradable wax/water emulsion technology” like its other similar lubes,  “but fortified with high-pressure friction modifiers.” While it’s not exactly clear what those friction modifiers are, Squirt says they make the lube slicker, so it lasts longer in wet conditions and it accommodates higher torque. Will you notice it while riding? Almost certainly not, but your wallet might notice if Squirt holds true to its promise and extends the life of your e-bike drivetrain.



Sidi smartens up its Genius 10 road shoe

Sidi Genius 10
Photo: Sidi

Sidi’s popular Genius road shoe gets a ground-up redesign. It features Sidi’s Tecno-3 Dial System and the Soft Instep Closure System to create a comfortable and soft wrap around your foot. The Soft Instep system features a soft, EVA foam padded strap that wraps over the instep, and it’s adjustable from both sides so you can tailor the fit to your foot shape. All of the components in both systems are fully replaceable should you damage them. Sidi also added a plastic contoured heel cup to both plant your foot during hard efforts and protect your heel in the event of a crash. All of this is mated to a stiff Carbon Composite 20 sole, which is essentially Nylon injected with carbon fiber. The Genius 10 road shoe costs $300 and will be available in four colors: Black, Gray/Black, White, and Fluo Yellow. We recently reviewed Sidi’s Wire 2 Carbon road shoe.



Wolf Tooth headset extenders let you change your bike’s geometry

Wolf Tooth Headset Extender
Photo: Wolf Tooth

Wolf Tooth Components is the latest brand to offer an adjustable geometry headset cup. The lower cup extends downward from your head tube, effectively changing the head tube angle of your bike and raising the bottom bracket. This creates a more stable descending platform on your mountain bike, while improving bottom bracket clearance. The extender can also help you maintain your current geometry should you switch a suspension-corrected frame from a suspension fork to a rigid fork. Wolf Tooth says the extenders are compatible with most EC (external cup) and ZS (zero stack) headsets. The extenders cost $55 and are available in multiple colors.