VN tech ticker: Extan’s unpriced commuter, Honey Stinger’s Rapid Hydration Mix

What's making tech headlines on Tuesday, April 13.

If you want to be part of a very, very exclusive cycling club, you’ll want to be riding on the British-made Extan Akhal Sheen.

With a name that was inspired by a breed of horse, the bike — with its undisclosed price tag — seems to be targeted at the pony-owners’ club.

With the notion that “if you have to ask about its price, you cannot afford it” maybe the waitlist won’t be that long. Only 19 of the Extan Akhal Sheen bikes are said to be slated for production, according to the Robb report.

Other limited-run bikes fabricated by Extan have been priced at $20,000 to $25,000.

The monocoque carbon frame, carbon fork, carbon cockpit, and carbon seatpost are not quite enough to turn heads — carbon is the norm for expensive bikes. And we’ve seen Gates carbon belt drive systems on commuter bikes, too. And with a Shimano Alfine crank and Dura-Ace rim brake calipers to slow the Mavic Ellipse Pro carbon wheels wrapped with Pirelli P Zero tires, is a price tag too high to publish really warranted?

Maybe what puts this 9.5kg (claimed) bike over the top is the 24-carat gold detailing that could make Greg Van Avermaet jealous.

Honey Stinger Rapid Hydration mix. Photo: Courtesy Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger Rapid Hydration Mix

Honey Stinger is claiming its Rapid Hydration Mix is the first hydration system to use honey as an energy source.

The three-part system offers a pre-workout option called Prepare, a solution to use during activities called Perform, and a recovery drink called Recover. Each drink is offered in two different flavors which can be mixed with 16oz water. A pack of 24 is $32.99.

The Prepare is available in Strawberry Lemonade and Pomegranate Passionfruit flavors; the Perform comes in Black Cherry or Mango Melon and had 50mg of caffeine; Recover is offered in Berry Defense or Tangerine Defense flavors. All three parts of the system are all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Honey Stinger boasts that each part of the hydration system “combines organic honey with sodium and water to speed the absorption of key nutrients.”