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VeloNews members test Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch in private ride

Gatorade ships new product to members, then leads 'Zwift and Zoom' private ride to discuss the technology.

Gatorade has a new wearable product that measures sweat-loss rate and sodium-loss rate, the Gx Sweat Patch, and VeloNews members were among the first to try it in a private ride on Zwift earlier this month.

The Gx Sweat Patch was created to give everyday athletes a way to test themselves like some pro athletes have been able to do in the past, but in a much simplified manner.

The Gx Sweat Patch is applied like a sticker: You clean the inside of your left forearm, stick on the patch, and go ride. After a half hour or more of sweating, you use the Gx App to read the patch. You can also visually see how the patch is filling up; the big orange line is your sweat rate, and the short purple line is your sodium concentration.

The idea is to test yourself a few times — certainly not on every ride — and build a sweat profile for a certain type of exercise. Then you can have recommendations for how much to drink before, during, and after that type and duration of exercise.

For the private ride last week, VeloNews members were each shipped a swag pack from Gatorade containing two Gx Sweat Patches, a customized bottle with their name on it, and Gatorade Gx Hydration Pods.

Then, the members joined a Zwift Meetup and a simultaneous Zoom video call to test the Sweat Patch and learn about the science behind it.

On the Zwift and Zoom ride were Dr. Matt Pahnke from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute and Xavi Cortadellas from Gatorade’s Design and Innovation team, along with Ben Delaney from VeloNews. In the first half of the ride, Dr Pahnke and Cortadellas talked about the concepts behind the Sweat Patch and how it can be used for cycling. Then in the second half of the 60-minute ride, VeloNews members got to ask questions about the Sweat Patch and the Gx App, and about the science of hydration in general.

Below are few comments we received from VeloNews members who joined the Gatorade Gx Zwift and Zoom ride.

VeloNews members rode and talked with the Gatorade team on Zwift and Zoom. VeloNews also hosted a public Zwift ride with Gatorade.

What VeloNews members had to say about the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch

“Very easy to apply and use. Easy to track the data with the colors and bars.” — Zach N.

“New metric that can be incorporated as a training tool. It created curiosity.” — Jorge O.

“I liked the ease of use, and simplicity of design. It seemed nearly foolproof, which is critical.” — Benjamin S.

“Easy to put on, scan and use the app. Plus the colors look cool!” — Paul S.

“It’s easy to use and quite simply, it works.” — Jon T.

“Easy to use, and it gave me actual useful info on something I had been guessing at (sodium levels in sweat).” — Sean M.

“It’s a quick solution to finding sweat rate and sodium expenditure.” Isaiah N.

What VeloNews members had to say about the Gatorade Gx ‘Zwift n Zoom’ ride experience

“I liked the access to interesting tech, the ability to get knowledge from and ask questions of experts, and the insights in to hydration and nutrition. And, honestly, feeling like you’re part of a select group.” — Sean M.

“It was nice to hear from the scientific minds behind these products.” — Chris C.

“I loved riding with Ben Delaney because I look forward to reading his articles and considering his insight into the cycling world.” — Sam N.

“It was really cool to partake in an event like this. Thank you to Gatorade and VeloNews for putting this together. I would love to do something like this again in the future.” — Zach B.

“I liked the information about the product and chance to try it.” — Lynnette J.

“The timing was great. Spot on. No waiting, and no moments without talking/riding/entertainment. The process of the patch was very well explained and I had no issues using it.” — Zach N.

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And to learn more about the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch, visit Gatorade.com/gx.