VeloNews Gear Awards 2018: Giro Aether’s thoughtful update

We give Giro the 'Thoughtful Update' award for its brain-saving design that integrates MIPS technology into the helmet shell.

In 2016 Bell launched a helmet revolution with its Zephyr model; the lid featured a bifurcated construction and a MIPS system that was integrated into the fit harness.

In 2018 Giro took helmet tech two steps further. Its Aether model features a MIPS system integrated between two EPS shells, which move independently of each other. The Aether’s MIPS Spherical system is a comprehensive revamping that accomplishes the same goals as Bell’s Zephyr and Z2, only with a completely new design. The Aether absorbs rotational forces to protect the brain during the first milliseconds of a crash.

The new design smooths out the MIPS component and creates an airy design on par with its predecessor, the Synthe. Finally, the Roc Loc Air fit system snugs up comfortably without interference from any other components within the helmet.

Giro put an intense focus on cooling with Aether. It designed the helmet in such a way that there are cooling channels between the two foam parts. Photo: Giro Sport Design