The French say ‘non!’ to disc brakes

French Cycling Federation decides to issue a sweeping ban on disc brakes in all of its sanctioned road events.

In a brief announcement at the top of its news page for race officials, the French Cycling Federation drew a line in the sand: No disc brakes — at any of its sanctioned road events.

“Following the decision of the International Cycling Union on April 14, 2016, the Federal Bureau at its meeting on April 14, 2016 decided to ban the use of disc brakes in all road events organized under the aegis of FFC.”

Unlike USA Cycling, which is applying the UCI’s halt on disc brake trials to only UCI-sanctioned pro road events, the FFC’s decision impacts all categories of road racing in France. It even includes the popular l’Etape du Tour sportive, which rides the route of the Tour de France’s most difficult stage (stage 20 this year).

If you’re heading to France for one of its many sanctioned sportives, don’t let the wrong type of brake stop your vacation.